All About Dogs

Basic Canine Care & Training for Kids Ages 9-13

Let your 9-13 year old join in the learning and the fun in a new class offering called: All About Dogs!

This class makes an excellent Christmas gift for a special boy or girl and their dog! Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend class with their child. The skills they learn in this class will last a lifetime. Topics include: Doggy manners, Health and well being, Bathing, Activities and Adventures. Each class session covers a variety of topics. There are no computers or computer games--imagine that!

1. Manners:
Doggy manners and effective communications with your dog - includes a bit of FUNgility and Tricks

2. Health:
Your dog's physical health and well-being, including nutrition info

3. Bathing:
Dog bath demo with the option to schedule a one-on-one bath training session with a professional bather at regular breed bath price

4. Activities:
Intro to FUNgility, try exercises, Nosework demo, more Tricks and having fun with your dog beyond playing fetch

5. Adventures:
On and off leash adventures with your dog, including - Loose Leash Walking, Recalls, shopping retail and what to do if your dog runs away or gets lost.

Prerequisites:Previous obedience classes are helpful. Kid participants must be 9-13 years old and be able to handle their dog well.

Price: $123.00

Sessions: 5

Prerequisites: No prerequisites. Unsure? Talk to our instructors if you are uncertain if your dog is a good fit.

Additional Supplies: Bring the following to class:

  • Collar and Non-Retractable Leash. We recommend not using gentle leader or easy walk harness for this class)

Extras: Week 3 of this exciting class covers bathing. A bath demonstration will be presented. A SMPL dog will be utilized for this demonstration. A separate bathing instruction session may be scheduled at an alternative time for your child and their dog. Regular bath pricing will be charged for this bonus session. One-to-one bathing instruction will be provided at this session by an SMPL profession bather.

Check Out Dates/Times at all 3 Locations!

Brooklyn Park Xenia

Please call us at 763-493-2003 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Radisson location.

Blaine Radisson

Please call us at 763-792-8929 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Radisson location.

Blaine Baltimore

Please call us at 763-600-6019 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Baltimore location.