FUNgility Open Gym

Join the fun! Drop in with your beloved dog for FUNgility Playtime utilizing our exclusive FUNgility Equipment, designed and manufactured by our own, at Stone Mountain Pet Products.

We'll have two FUNgility courses set up with pieces including the cube, the walkover, the tire, the hurdles, the tunnels and the weave poles plus some fun agility pieces. Each piece can be mastered alone AND are can be combined into endless combinations for your dog to play on. This is a non-competitive, drop in session.

This class is so much fun and it's a great way to increase the bond with your dog while you both get the benefits of a low impact challenge that is good for all ages! Courses are new every week!!! Only one dog per course will be off-leash. Instructors are in the room for assistance.

-Preregistration preferred but not required. -Proof of Rabies, Bordatella and Distemper vaccinations required.

Price: $10.00

Sessions: 1

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Check Out Dates/Times at both of our Locations!

Brooklyn Park Xenia

Please call us at 763-493-2003 or email us to inquire about this class at our Brooklyn Park Xenia location.

Blaine Radisson

Please call us at 763-792-8929 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Radisson location.