K9 Nose Work® - Beginning

No experience required. Introduce your dog to scent detection and work to build your dog’s natural hunting drive. Nose Work provides a great opportunity to mentally stimulate your dog, and the opportunity to strengthen your bond. Nose Work is a great dog sport for people and dogs young and old. This is a class that reactive dogs can participate in too! No prerequisites required.

Price: $126.00

Sessions: 6

Prerequisites: No prerequisites. Unsure? Talk to our instructors if you are uncertain if your dog is a good fit.

Additional Supplies: Bring the following to class:

  • Collar and Non-Retractable Leash. We recommend not using gentle leader or easy walk harness for this class)
  • Nosework supplies will be provided.

Check Out Dates/Times at both of our Locations!

Brooklyn Park Xenia

Class ID Start Date Time Location Instructor Status Openings Details Request Spot
10222232 Thursday, 04/09/2020 6:15 PM Xenia Avenue Christie Vereide
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Blaine Radisson

Please call us at 763-792-8929 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Radisson location.