Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is a Healthy Facility

By Facility Design

All of the concrete surfaces that your pets may come in contact with are sealed with a three part epoxy coating filling the pores of the concrete, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and also makes it easy for us to clean and disinfect.

Bordetella and other illnesses are thought to result from airborne bacteria that is transmitted from dog to dog. Stone Mountain Pet Lodgehas four independent air handling systems to isolate the groups of pets within our lodging wings and eleven independent air handling systems throughout the entire facility. This isolates the groups of pets from each other.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge’s ERV (energy recovery ventilator) systems bring in outside air that is warmed or cooled and distributes the air throughout the suites for a fresh and comfortable stay for your pet. This reduces the sharing of recycled air from pet to pet. Stone Mountain has in–floor heat in the suite areas that keeps the floor a nice 70 degrees so everyone stays nice and warm in the cold months. Floors dry completely and quickly when washed. This reduces the moist surfaces that bacteria like to grow on.

By Practice

Stone Mountain Pet Lodgerequires Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations on the best advice of the veterinary profession.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge does not accept or allow association with the other pets, any pets that have any observable symptoms of Bordetella or any other illness.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge’s cleaning and sanitizing is done daily and spot cleaning done hourly throughout the day. Tour us anytime we are open and satisfy yourself that the suites are clean. Suites are cleaned after each stay and rotated so they can “rest” in a clean state. Suite wings are rotated so complete “deep cleaning” can be done regularly. This means that your pet will normally stay in a clean, rested suite. The number of days “rested” may be a week or more but at times of peak occupancy may be less than a day.

In Spite of our Best Efforts

In spite of our best efforts, your pet may contract an illness before, during or after their stay at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge. We cannot guarantee your pet's health. Vaccinations sometimes fail to provide protection from illness. Putting your pet in any setting that puts them in the proximity of one or more potentially contagious dogs and the stress that results from a new experience can result in your pet contracting an illness. More frequent visits to Stone Mountain may increase your pet’s natural immunity and decrease your pet’s susceptibility to common illnesses.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge will engage the services of a veterinarian (yours when possible) to treat your pet whenever reasonably deemed necessary, and will bill you for any veterinarian fees.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge shall not be liable for sickness or injury contracted or suffered while you’re pet is boarded at this facility.