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Hot Springs Grooming Salon

The following grooming additions are only available as add-ons to one of our Grooming Packages. A grooming package must be purchased in order to add one of the following services.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge De-Skunk Process

Your pet will receive our de-skunking process includes a special enzyme based shampoo and spray that helps eliminate skunk oil from your pet's coat.  Then, a hydro-massage is given to relax tension. *Please note that although our de-skunking process is highly effective, no process is 100% effective in completely removing skunk odor.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Flea & Tick Dog Package

Your dog will receive a special shampoo that eliminates any fleas and ticks and helps heal any related skin issues, a conditioner to rejuvenate the skin, and a 30 day flea and tick preventative treatment (Spot-On)
*Preventative treatment can be upgraded to a Frontline treatment for $10.00 more.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Flea & Tick Spot-On Only

Your dog will receive an application of the Spot-On Flea & Tick preventative.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Pattern / Scissors

Your dog will receive a breed appropriate pattern/scissors cut.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Woolly Mammoth Shed–Less Treatment

This treatment is a process that significantly reduces the shedding of your pet for up to 4 weeks.  If used on a regular basis, it greatly reduces shedding and pet dander and is highly recommended for people with allergies.

Whoolly Mammoth

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge A Day at the Spa Package

Pamper your pet by adding this upgrade to any Emerald Pool Bath & Brush or Old Faithful Groom.  This special package includes a luxury shampoo upgrade to hydrate and rejuvenate, a hydro massage to relax, tooth brushing and a breath freshener.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Tooth Brushing With Breath Freshener

A thorough tooth brushing with enzymatic toothpaste and a breath freshening with a special breath freshening spray.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Premium Shampoo Upgrade

Our standard shampoo is a great deep cleansing and moisturizing shampoo that leaves your dog smelling great. This grooming addition upgrades the shampoo used in your grooming service to a premium shampoo. Our groomers will recommend a premium shampoo specially formulated for your dog's coat and skin. Some examples of our premium shampoos are:

  • Oatmeal shampoo for dry and / or itchy skin.
  • Coal tar shampoo for dogs with skin allergies.
  • Hypoallergenic, soap free shampoo for a clean canine with no soap smell.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Anal Gland Expression


Service Charges

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Extra Shaving Time (15 minutes)


Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Brushing / Dematting (15 minutes)


Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Expedited Service


Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Handling Fee (Extra Person 15 minutes)