Pet Supply Outfitters

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Leashes & Collars

We have and entire wall dedicated to leashes and collars!  Your dog may not require five leashes, but you definitely need the right type.

Pet Supply Outfitters can give you whatever you need.

Some Leashes & collars we offer are:
  • Lupine
  • Circle TLeashes and Collars
  • Coastal
  • Oakberry
  • Harley Davidson
  • Rogue New York
  • Gentle Leader
  • Spot My Dog reflective

Feeding Dishes

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Feeding Dishes

Finding the right feeding dish for you pet is very important.  That's why we carry a variety of types and sizes of dishes.  Dishes that are raised for taller dogs, dishes designed to prevent spilling, decorative dishes, and even dishes that are made to prevent your pet from eating to fast and possibly choking.  We feel that whatever your pet's needs are, we will have the correct feeding dish for you.

Some of the dishes we offer are:
  • Brake-Fast Feeding Dishes
  • No-Spill Bowls
  • One-Of-A-Kind Dish Stands
  • Pet Treat Jars
  • Designer Dishes & Stands