Hot Springs Dog Grooming

Make an appointment for your dog to be groomed by a talented student groomer. If your dog needs a haircut, this is for you!

It takes all kinds: Springers, Setters, Cockers. Terriers of any type including Schnauzers, Cairns, Westies, Scotties, Border Terriers, Airedales and Poodles. Doodles would be the perfect dog for this program! Any dog that needs a haircut.*

What do our customers get?

  • A 15% discounted groom PLUS if you schedule another groom in the next 6-8 weeks you can get a 15% discount for that groom too!
  • Extra cuddles with student and instructor.
  • Free day lodge with a walk, if needed.
  • One free add-on of your choice.  Choose from: 
    • Nail grind upgrade
    • Teeth brushing 
    • Premium shampoo upgrade

* Please follow these guidelines:

  • Vaccines Up-to-Date
  • Giant/Large dogs  < 6 years
  • Medium dogs < 8 years 
  • Small dogs < 12 years or younger
  • We need dogs that have a history of being groomed and are good tempered. 
  • No health problems (ie: heart problems, trouble standing, breathing problems, etc.)

Call with questions or to make an appointment! 763-493-2003