Whisker Ridge Cattery and Cat Grooming Salons

Whisker Ridge Cattery and Cat Grooming Salons are located at our Blaine Radisson and Brooklyn Park Xenia locations.

9935 Radisson Road NE
Blaine MN 55449
Phone #: 763-792-8929

9975 Xenia Ave
Brooklyn Park MN 55443
Phone #: 763-493-2003

Whisker Ridge Cattery and Cat Grooming Salons


cats Whisker Ridge is an exclusive Cattery and Cat Grooming Salon to pamper your favorite feline with love and care. As members of the National Cat Groomer Institute of America (NCGIA), we strive to offer outstanding service.

Whisker Ridge Salon at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is located away from the busyness that is dogs (although we love them). It’s a quiet and solitary place where a cat can be a cat. Cats are understood here. They are celebrated for being uniquely feline and discerning.

A cat will never be compared to, or treated like a dog, at Whisker Ridge Cat Salon. Our experienced grooming staff offers bath and nail packages to turn even the most finicky into a happy and healthy cat.

paw-icon  Grooming Packages & Information

watching cat

Paw Icon Emerald Pool Bath & Brush

Breed Name Emerald Pool & Bath
Cat $60.00

Paw Icon With Your Cat Groom

The following grooming additions are only available as add-ons to one of our Emerald Pool & Bath. The package must be purchased in order to add one of the following services.

Paw Icon Flea & Tick Cat Package


Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Woolly Mammoth Shed–Less Treatment

This treatment is a process that significantly reduces the shedding of your pet for up to 4 weeks.  If used on a regular basis, it greatly reduces shedding and pet dander and is highly recommended for people with allergies.


Soft Paws

Try our Soft Paw. This feline is sporting them in black.

Paw Icon Sanitary Trim


Paw Icon Nail Trims


Paw Icon Soft Paw Application (nail trim included)


Paw Icon Soft Paw Application added to an Emerald Pool


All dogs and cats visiting Stone Mountain Pet Lodge require these immunizations. Vaccines must be given by a licensed veterinarian. First-time boarders should bring veterinarian documentation showing the due dates of the next immunization, which will be recorded for future reference.

Important Notice

Although we do not have a required minimum incubation period between the time vaccines are given and the beginning of your reservation, we strongly recommend getting any vaccines done at least 10–14 days prior to arrival at our facility. This gives the vaccine time to reach its full effectiveness to protect against illness.

  Lodging DDC Grooming Walk-in
Nail Trim
& Grind
Training Dog Park
Pet Type Dogs Cats Exotics Dogs Dogs Cats Dogs Dogs Dogs
Rabies à
†Rabies vaccination is required only for some types of exotics, such as ferrets


A deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system, usually spread by a bite from a rabid animal. Rabies vaccination is required by law for the safety of our employees and other animals staying at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.

Bordetella (Tracheobronchitis)

A bacterial infection typically caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and two viruses called Parainfluenza virus and Adenovirus. The airborne organisms are inhaled by a susceptible dog and attach to the lining of the trachea and upper airway passages. Due to the airborne nature of this disease, neighboring dogs boarded at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge are susceptible to the disease. Also known as Canine Cough or Kennel Cough. PDF Download "Let's Talk About Canine Cough" Article by Pet Care Services (836 KB)

Important Notice

Please note that many veterinarians administer Bordetella only upon request.

DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo)

A highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of dogs, usually spread through airborne exposure to the virus contained in respiratory secretions of an infected dog. Due to the airborne nature of this disease, neighboring dogs boarded at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge are susceptible to the disease. Also known as Canine Distemper.

FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

A highly contagious viral disease caused by the feline parvovirus, usually spread when cats come into contact with the blood, urine, fecal matter, nasal secretions, and even fleas from other infected cats.  A cat can become infected without ever coming into direct contact with an infected cat. Because this disease is easily transmittable and cats are in relatively close quarters, this immunization is required. Also known as Feline Distemper.

Pet Taxi

When you leave town there are many things to get done before you go. Let us remove one of those headaches. With our Pet Taxi service, we will pick up your pet and bring them to Stone Mountain Pet Lodge where they will have a luxurious stay while you and your family enjoy your vacation. We can even bring your pet back to your home when you return.