Basic Manners: Virtual

This is an virtual course! Hannah will be doing the class via Zoom. Links will be sent out to owners as the class gets closer.

This class is designed to help you build your best pup during quarantine!
Topics covered in this course include sit, down, wait, stay, leave-it, and most important, how to understand your dog!
We’ll teach you how to get reliable responses for a well-behaved canine you can be proud of.

The class will meet for 30 minutes twice a week for 5 sessions and the final session will be one on one with your instructor.

Price: $123.00

Sessions: 6

Prerequisites: This course is designed for puppies of any age that have completed puppy class or for dogs over six months of age that have had little or no formal training in manners.

Additional Supplies:
Zoom is required to participate in this class. It will need to be installed on your computer, laptop or smart phone. Install Zoom on the device that has a camera and microphone. If you have questions, please email the instructor ahead of time at
Please have on hand: treats, a leash (preferably not a retractable leash), and a collar

Check Out Dates/Times at both of our Locations!

Brooklyn Park Xenia

Please call us at 763-493-2003 or email us to inquire about this class at our Brooklyn Park Xenia location.

Blaine Radisson

Please call us at 763-792-8929 or email us to inquire about this class at our Blaine Radisson location.